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Turning Idea’s Into Reality

12 Oct


I have been pinning things to pinterest like CRAZY. Things I want to make, idea’s on how to style my bedroom, recipes everything I tell you!


Well I am tired of just pinning. I am going to start doing! Hopefully I can do a couple a month and share pictures. At least one a month.




Home School vs Traditional School

4 Oct



Home schooling is a topic that is brought up in my house a couple times a month. Not really because we are going to home school but because we have a family member who does it and we think they are doing it wrong.


Ok, don’t get all mad and ready to rip me a new one. We are intitled to have our own opinion about things. Whether they be right or wrong. Every gets an opinion.


Back to my situation. I was asked it I plan on home schooling my children. The first answer that popped into my head was not no, but HELL NO. I am one of those parents who will cherish the hours between 8 and 3 while my child is in the very capable hands of someone else. Filling their beautiful minds up with knowledge. I will finally be able to go do things like grab a cup of coffee and get a pedi. Oh, and clean my house.


After this question was posed to me I found myself thinking “You know this schoolin’ at the house might be something to look into” or “the high school we are zoned for sucks and you know you wouldn’t send your dog there”. The schools around us for Primary school or what most call Elementary these days are really great. We even have the option to attend magnet schools. If you don’t have them in a nutshell it is a school within the public system you apply for. Like a private public school.But the high school isn’t great.


I have a few years yet and at this moment I am sending them to public school. No doubt. At all. I went to public school and there is nothing wrong with me. Although now I find myself thinking about home schooling these children. Not that I want to or don’t want to. I just feel like I need to jump on the band wagon with everyone else and do it. Crazy, I know. Then a friend, who has been home schooling for the better part of two decades told me something that I will never forget. “It is your decision, you don’t have to do it. Do whatever is best for YOU and the kids.” When those words were spoken to me I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders. For serious.


What is best for us is going to be going to school. Leaving the house and being with others, learning from a teacher who is not mom or dad and coming home to tell all about it.


What do you do? Traditional school or home school?