Why Do Monday’s Always Suck

15 Nov

Two years ago I worked in an office. I had a job, a title, money-life was good. I wasn’t always happy with my job but I made it work.


I was presented with an option, stay and possibly have my hours and or wage cut or take a voluntary layoff. Since I wanted to be home with my son, I took the layoff. It was Monday September 7 and my last day was going to be Friday September 11. I was going to be free but we would be loosing our disposable income.


In the 3 months following my departure from my stable job, I was able to find a postition working in the preschool my son attended. It wasn’t the corporate world, shoot it wasn’t even full time but it did get me out of the house and I brought in a little bit of money, so it worked.  By the beginning of the year I was pregnant with our second child.


A new baby! Yay! But I didn’t have a full time job and babies are…well babies cost money. And since my baby was going to be born the first of September I wasn’t going to be asked to teach again the next year.


Here we go again.


It wasn’t long until I had found another job and how I found it was a crazy story. I had reconnected with an old friend from middle school on Facebook, the face book of all places! It was a crazy how it all worked out and the part about all of it was I would be able to work from home. It was the best of both worlds.


Flash forward to today, Monday. I was given another pink slip.Six weeks before Christmas. Not because revenue is down, my performance isn’t lacking. I got a pink slip because her husband got a pink slip. I’m not upset. It was a snowball effect and if anything I am sick for the other people who got laid off -6 weeks before Christmas.




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