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Thank You Jerk Face

20 Sep

Today I packed up the kids and headed to Walmart. I needed to get out of the house so bad. When I pulled into the parking lot I spotted a space that would be grand. Let me note, I do not mind walking. But when I have two kids and I am alone, I want a close spot.

As I waited for the cart boy to push the weeks worth of buggies back into the store some piss ant in his beat up convertable cut through the handie capped spots and took MY parking spot.

I was waiting like a decent human being and he took my spot! My blood boiled.

We walked through the store checking out the toys, grabbing some more construction paper and glitter (we LOVE glitter) and ending our trip grabbing some cinnamon rolls for breakfast this weekend.

As I walked out to my car I saw a woman getting into her van. She had parked next to the Jerk Face who stole my spot. Her cart was beating the ever loving hell out his mid-life crisis car. Karma is a bitch!

So thank you Mr. JF for taking my spot and saving my car from being beat half to shit.